Why Mark1 Franchise?

Mark1 is a leading company with structured processes and procedures in place in this unorganised individual driven industry. With nearly 1300 + events and weddings, it is always better to partner with the industry leader .

What would be the investment?

Depends on the area, category of the city, and the market potential. You can be rest assured that our well though and designed financial plan will make your investment worth every penny.

Do I require any previous experience in this wedding and event industry ?

No, as we mentioned your local presence and our experience with proper training to your team will be the game changer.

Franchise Mark1

What are the avenues of earnings for a franchisee?

1) Events – social, corporate, private, religious, political etc

2) Weddings

3) Our institute will also be attached as a additional source of revenue for the franchisee where we would offer training in nearly 45 defined certified courses in the media, entertainment and event industry

How to become a franchisee?

Please call 9843672000 ( Mr. Parthiban ) he will help and guide you through the process.